Thursday, November 2, 2017

APC BN450M Back-UPS 450 battery backup

I recently bought this APC BN450M battery backup on sale from B&H for $29.95 with no tax + free shipping.  In hindsight, I should have ordered 2-3 units and used one for each computer.

The unit supports 255 watts / 450VA loads and has four battery backup outlets and two surge only outlets.  I only need to survive the several second outages every month or two that bring servers offline, there isn't a need for extended runtime here and if that were the case I could shut down the equipment.
Here is the runtime graph:

The battery is user replaceable with 4 screws to remove the bottom of the housing, and uses a standard 12V SLA battery.  In this unit, it is 4.5Ah.

This battery is listed as a replacement and may give a slight runtime boost given the 5Ah capacity.  The shape looks similar but I did not measure the original battery when it was apart to confirm fitment.

Here are a few photos of the unit disassembled.
I took a quick look at the board and did not see any issues with the solder quality.  I do not have the EE knowledge required to analyze the design.

The only issue I saw was the negative wire pinched against a rib in the plastic housing by the weight of the battery.  The insulation does not appear to be damaged.

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